Ignite Sports Jr. Athletes

Jr. Athletes is a multi-sport program that dials in on fundamental skill sets for five different sports, 8 weeks at a time, including: baseball/softball, volleyball, basketball, football, and tennis. Using interactive and age-appropriate games/activities, kids can have a blast while being exposed to a variety of sports! 

As they grow through the program, the games and activities will begin to uniquely integrate team play, developing social skills, and creating a better understanding of the sport itself. While learning the fundamentals of kicking, throwing, catching, hitting, and basic speed and agility, the players will increase fitness, coordination, confidence, and improve on both social and listening skills.

  • 8 weeks of each sport: baseball/softball, volleyball, basketball, football, and tennis! 
  • Throwing, catching, passing, hitting, jumping, landing, agility, and more!
  • Unique games and activities specific to each sport!
  • Fitness, coordination, and confidence! 
  • Taught by coaches who put injury prevention and FUN first! 

Ask your school director if they offer our Jr. Athletes program Today!!