Ignite Sports Jr. Tumblers

From somersaults to frog stands to walking on a line, jr. tumblers' teaches children the fundamental skills for gymnastics and many other sports that they may choose to participate in as they get older.  Using fun obstacle courses, tumbling games, and exercises, participants will have a blast learning body awareness and building the strength to execute creative movements and engage in active play.  Our coaches put injury prevention and fun on the front line! All skills and techniques are taught in a safe and fun environment.

  • Forward rolls, backward rolls, frog stands, jumps, and so much more!
  • Tumbling routines, obstacle courses, and fun fitness games! 
  • Strength, fitness, and coordination!
  • Confidence and body awareness that aids with active play and sport participation!  
  • Taught by professional coaches!

Ask your school director if they offer our Jr. Tumblers program Today!!