Ignite Sports Jr. Yogis

Jr. Yogis promotes health and fitness at an age as early as 3 months by using integrative nursery rhymes and age-appropriate poses. Each class builds on to the next with development in sensory and body awareness, strength, mobility, and confidence.

With the stress of the outside world, little ones benefit from relaxation methods and learning how to get back to a calming state by becoming emotionally aware. As the yogis grow throughout the program, sensory games and challenging poses are implemented to ensure continued progress.

  • A unique and FUN way to integrate fitness to a very young age group!
  • Yoga stories, adventures, songs, and games! 
  • Discovering one’s self through creative yoga games and poses!
  • Strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence! 
  • Creativity, fitness, and growth in one class!
  • Better sleep for everyone!

Ask your school director if they offer our Jr. Yogis program Today!!