About Ignite Sports

Who we are - Ignite Sports is a one-stop shop for both Youth Sports and Fitness.  We create programs based on our clients’ age and specific needs. We work in the local schools and communities because we are part of the community and give back when possible by patronizing local businesses and supporting charities and fundraisers. 


Youth Athletics and Fitness - Ignite Sports has a variety of sports for children age 3 -14.  All of our curriculms and equipment are age appropriate - classes and equipment vary with the different age groups we are coaching.  Our classes are competitive yet fun at the same time.  The younger players learn the basic skills of the sport and progress to the finer points as they move into the older groups.  We emphasize sportsmanship and fair play at all ages.


Goals – Our goal is to introduce our community to a healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness in a positive, fun atmosphere.  We do this through instructional sports classes, fitness programs, and community based leagues.